Ceiling Roses

We import and manufacture a wide range of different sizes of ceiling roses. From plain and simple designs to intricate and elaborate designs. Various sizes are also available.  They are made out of either polyurethane or polystyrene, easy to install by simply applying glue and sticking it to the ceiling or wall. Our ceiling roses can be painted, only PVA paint can to be applied to the polystyrene and polyurethane ceiling roses, and only once a base coat of PVA paint is applied can enamel based paint then be applied. Extreme Mouldings offers the very best quality ceiling tiles, and coupled with our expertise and service levels we guarantee client satisfaction.

 Extreme Mouldings C25-Polystyrene-Ceiling-rose-445mm
Extreme Mouldings C33 Polystyrene Ceiling Rose 445mm
Extreme Mouldings C27-Polystyrene-Ceiling-Rose-665mm
Extreme Mouldings R24-Polyurethane-Ceiling-Rose-770mm
Extreme Mouldings R12-Poluyurethane-Ceiling-Rose-825mm

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